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As stated so often, the eyes are the “window to our soul”. People often refer to another’s eyes as sexy, thoughtful, tired, cheerful, lifeless, or heaven forbid, beady, and so on. Our eyes define how we feel inside and how life is treating us. They are our means of projecting thoughts without words. Because our eyes are so expressive, it must be why we want the area surrounding the eye to look its best at all times. If we are in other’s company, our eyes are the focus of conversation. With eyeliner the lash line is darkened to produce a lush, full lash-line effect. This can be applied to either the upper, lower or both lash-line areas. Eyeliner, properly selected takes the “tired and washed out” appearance out of our expressions, as well as the entire face. Sports activities, hobbies that were avoided due to the fear of topical makeup coming off, and just simply looking your best at all times are yours for the asking.






What to Expect with Permanent Eyeliner

With conventional cosmetics, applying pencil or liquid eyeliner is one of the more challenging make-up tasks we, as women, do in make-up application. We have to tug at our eyelid, it smudges and is difficult to apply. However, Permanent Makeup can be applied as light as you want or made darker and thicker to bring out the eyes. Permanent Makeup doesn’t smudge, and there is no more tugging or pulling on delicate eyelid tissue. Permanent Makeup eyeliner applied the right way can uplift a drooping eye. What does the procedure feel like? This procedure tickles more than anything. No one wants anyone near their eyes, however, once the area is numb this procedure can be quick and is quite tolerable and worth the outcome.

Eyelash Enhancement

Eyelash Enhancement brings out the eyes just like eyeliner does. A line is drawn or dots are placed between the lashes, which gives the illusion of fuller lashes. The color used is typically the same color as your lashes.

What to Expect Overall

Each procedure behaves differently after its application. Depending on which procedure you’ve had done, you will see various changes occur in the next 14 days. Immediately after the procedure is done your make-up may look like it has been stamped onto your face. This is normal.

After your micropigmentation (permanent makeup) procedure you may experience swelling. This can result from the procedure itself, or from a cream or ointment applied during or after (that’s why I suggest you apply Aquaphor only) otherwise do not disturb the treated area. Very rarely is the swelling excessive, but in any degree it is nothing to worry about and usually it is short lived. Ice packs applied at 10 minute intervals can control this. When the swelling dissipates, it usually goes down in one area first and then the other.



When the area has healed, there is a much greater chance that the permanent make-up will be too light or too subtle. Most technicians offer at least one (1) free touchup. Most clients are satisfied with 2 total applications, however, ask your technician about follow-up visits. The touch-up is fast and easily tolerated and is recommended so that your makeup will be just right. During this application the makeup can be balanced, supplemented, darkened, lightened, moved, changed or altered in any way necessary. It is much easier to add pigment than to remove it. If it is initially applied too radically, the client is almost always unhappy, at least until she gets used to the change in appearance or has it corrected.

Any pain or discomfort after the procedure is usually very minimal. Within the next 5-14 days this artificial look will naturalize and soften. It is impossible to accurately evaluate what the final result will be until this “naturalization” process occurs. This is especially true with eyebrows. Several hours after the application, they will appear much darker and thicker than they will in a week or two. The shape may even appear to be somewhat distorted; don’t worry. Only after the pigment has settled into place and any irritation from the process has disappeared can the make-up be accurately evaluated.


Due to varying degrees of difficulty of applications associated with lip/skin texture, scarring or wrinkles around lip lines from cold sores, age laser treatments, medications, smoking, sun or tanning bed exposure and skin care products, we can not guarantee “perfect” results in two visits. Therefore, if irregularities in lip color develop from the above mentioned conditions additional procedures may be necessary. These conditions also affect the longevity of the permanent cosmetics causing some persons to require maintenance sooner than others.



Other Permanent Makeup Procedures

There are other cosmetic tattooing procedures: beauty marks, areola (nipple) restoration, cleft lip camouflage, and scar camouflage (see Special Procedures).


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